African grey parrots.

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Sunday 11/03 Temp +4 c

 Took a trip to Gålö An island 20km from where I live.

 Stockholm archipelago consists of 35,000 islands.


                                                The red arrow shows where I have taken the following pictures.


Many locals have boats.

                                                                            And now it is high time to fix them for the season.


 But there is still ice in the bays.

In many countries I have visited the have  many large marina and you can just see open sea.

Nowhere to go so why have a boat then?

 Here we have 35.000 islands to go to.


 Most small and uninhabited.

                                                                                 And I have no boat.


 On the other side of the island, there is no ice left.


 About 4-5 months from now all rocks will  be full of people lying in the sun. And swimming and diving from the Rooks.


 The are many rivers that flow into the Baltic see so it is very little salt in the water. Which makes the Baltic see quite unique

 You find both freshwater fish such as pike and bass and salt-water fish such as cod and herring. I do not believe the mixture can be found anywhere else.

And because there is so little salt in the water cannot shipworm live here so all the old ship wreaks which are in the Baltic see are in very good chape.  Like vasa who was salvaged in 1961 after 333 years at sea bottom.


The Baltic is I paradise for wreak divers.