African grey parrots.

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      I'm not going to write where in africa they come from, or any other facts that can be found on other websites about grays

                                          I'm no expert on parrots but I will here describe how I groom my Grey.

                                           Many claim that the grays are smart as a five-years old child.                                

                                ​Very possible, but I do not think that five years old child ​are particularly clever.


                                          My female says go away when she's going into prohibited area.
                                                                    And I have time to intervene.                                                                           

                                     If I offer them a nut and has a small and a large she takes the little nut.


If you scream incessantly for several hours then you are relegated to the attitude change room (bathroom)

There, they sit in the dark until my nerves are in place. and it is not fun to be there but still they scream for hours.

Many claim that gray jakon never forget anything.

But my forgetting all the time that you must not sit on the couch for example.

I could go on to tell how stupid they are but we will continue with other things.

                                                                  Wing Clipping.



Not here.

                                                              Do you want a bird that can not fly. Buy a chicken.
                                        I think you should adapt your home for your pet and do not adjust the pet for your home.
                                                             It will soon be forbidden to cut the parrots wings in Sweden.
                                                                                      A good law.


kliffffffffffffffff.jpgSociety Is very important. They are herd animals and need companionship to thrive. The reason I bought two is not for me but                                                                                       their sake.

                 in my apartment, it should not sit a bored lonely feather picking bird and wait for me to comehome.


                                                                Claw and beak

Claw and beak trimming I've never bothered. They can sometimes have very sharp claws, but a week later, they have been torn                                                                                         down.

They have perches of various thicknesses and they gnaw and bite at everything as it is torn down automatically

                                                    For water changes, I have a prettysimple rule.

                                    If I do not want to drink the water in the bowl it's time to change the water.



pellets are always in the bowl.

They eat different kinds of vegetables daily.
They also eat fruit and berries.  In  the summer they eat lots of berries.
Much of Sweden is covered with blueberry bushes, lingonberries and wild raspberries.
They get no blueberries indoors it becomes blue spots all over.

In the summer in the outdoor cage they can eat blueberries.


                                                                                                  And wild raspberries.

                                                                                      Late in the fall I pick hazelnuts to them.

                                                                         They also get some meat. chicken is good (cannibals?)

                                                            They also eat dinner with me depending onwhat I eat.

                                                                 They do not eat french fries, potato chips, candy and other crap food.

                                                                                            Ok some ice cream on a hot summer day.


To have something sensible to do is very important for parrots.the is very intilegenta and get bored easily.

Searching for food is a good method to keep them from getting bored.

            Pellets are in the bowl, but almost any other food that they eat during the day I hide in different foragingtoys.

                                                            There are various types of toys forging to buy.




        They are pretty expensive. but you can make them yourself. A little variety can be found under foragin toy in the menu.

                                                                                           They shower a couple times a week.

                                                                                     Sometimes in the shower and sometimes in the sink.

                                                                            And in the evening the fall a sleep in my lap.