African grey parrots.

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Do you want a African grey.  

Then it's a big advantage if you think it's fun.

To vacuum every day. Several times sometimes.

To wipe birdshit from furniture floor and your clothes.

To listen to the beeps and screams. Early mornings.


                                                         While talking on the phone.   When you watch TV,


Buying new plants.


                                                        Finding the unread evening paper like this.

       Finding dried stains of fruit and berries in the wallpaper.

To have a helping beak over the keyboard when you're sitting at your computer.

                                                           Do you think I write this on my own.

To get help with the cooking.

Parrots get old, we're talking about 30 -50 years that you should have it like this.

The good thing about having a parrot at home is that you will begin to thrive in your work

even if you have a dull dirty heavy low-wage jobs with boring work friends and a stupid boss, you will on Friday evening ​wish it was Monday morning.

            Parrots are probably the most demanding pet you can have no other animal I have had come close to     what they require to thrive.

                                I would not advise anyone to buy a parrot. But think hard about it is not justfun.

Having a parrot at home is like having a small child who never grows up.

Parrots are probably the most demanding pet you can have no other animal I have had come close to what they require to thrive.

They require lot of attention almost all the time (Even if you have two) If you work full time and are gone 8-10 hours a day, I think you should have two or none at all. A parrot who is left alone as long time each day gets a very boring life. They are herd animals and need plenty of companionship to feel good. By you or another parrot. A large cage full of toys is not enough.

Parrots litter a lot.

                                                Feathers and dust are spread throughout the house

 There are bird droppings everywhere.

The cage should be cleaned. Food and water dishes should be washed.

branches must be scrubbed clean of bird droppings.

 It never stops, it's the same thing day after day.

If you want clinically clean home and think cleaning is very boring is a parrot, probably no pet for you.

Parrots have very bad table manners.

They spill probably 50-60% of what is served.

                                                         ​It's food several feet around the dining area.

  (I think they descended from the jungle)

                                                                       Parots make a lot of nois.

                                              Do you want to come home from work and sit down on the couch

                                                    and take it easy then it probably a parrot not for you.

                                                      Some species considered to be more noisethan others.

                                                 Africans regarded as belonging to them silent models. hmm.


               The fine several tips on how to deal with the problem but I think they have a need to scream a little.

                                        My start to make noise just after I get home and scream about an hour.

Then they scream.

When I go to the bathroom.

When I open the refrigerator.

When I talk on the phone.

When I go out.

When they can not see me.

When I watch TV

When I want to take a nap on the couch

When I have something in my mouth.

Then the scream ​for 20 minutes when a crow fly past the window.

                                                 When I start with the food they scream until it is served.

                                                                       (No one can cook as fast as me)

                                         In addition to that they are believe it or not rather quiet.

There are many parrots who change homes all the time and feel worse and worse Screaming more and more when they are forced to move around among the impulse buyers who want a talking parroton one the shoulder. 

     Are you thinking about buy a parrot for that reason do not. You will be disappointed. Believe me.

                                                            There is much work to have a parrot at home.
                                                                           More than you can imagine.
                                                                              Believe me, believe me.