African grey parrots.

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                                                                                Date of birth:02/12/2003

                                                                   Gunnar At the front, 50 days old.

         Gunnar is calm and collected most of the time. But he has one I am boring beeps that are not fun to listen to.

         So I try to keep him happy which sometimes can be difficult because I do not always know why he is                                                                                  dissatisfied (Frustrating)

Unlike other gray so is Gunnar very social and does not hesitate to come up on the shoulder of unknown people                                                                        he loves long hair and glasses

              We have a bird club in Stockholm, which organizes bird meetings We usually each year ​are on

    Exhibition for pets.


                                              He is kind and do not bite, so he can even sit on small children.

                                           But people who have something eatable to offerare is favorites.

                 He chased away the macaw that is much larger in order to get access to the plate with apple pie.

                                               I will be your friend if I get a little taste of yoursandwich.