African grey parrots.

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                                                                                 It's an old picture. I'm not so ugly anymore.

My name is Bosse.
Date of birth:13/08/1959
Lives In Haninge outside Stockholm.
Works as a garbage man.

My job is ok but can be a bit boring in the winter.

                                                                      Do i need to say that I hate snow.

                                                                                View from my window.

I like to travel and have been around a lot. about 35 countries I have visited.

Now, I dont travel ​so much anymore parrots takes almost all my free time.

I like to take photos. I run 10 km a few times a week. Playing Online's game as Age of Empires.

But usually i chase me parrots from prohibited areas. 




                                        Some evenings are my animals on ​everything I can not sit still for a minute.

                                                           Will it be some time left i vacuuming or I wipe bird shit.


                                                                                                    But I like it best here.