African grey parrots.

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Here are some pictures of what they have destroyed over the years.


                                                           Gunnar has stolen a pear.

         It is 21.5 degrees inside. Outside I do not know. Lisa has been chewing off ​the cord.

                                                                  Shit Happens.

                 Gunnar sit here and throw down the nuts on the floor. I got fed up and hid the nuts.

                                                               Then Gunnar did this.

                                                          And here is Gunnar now.

                         I see you. They have not done anything but they were going to do something.

                                                                     I think?


                                                                    my head

                                                                     My dinner.

She would not eat it just kill it.

I can not bring me hot coffee today.

            She has been successful in opening the CD player and thrown down the disk on the floor.

                                                  Then she made a few holes here.

                                                       Where is my kitchen clock?


                                                               I know it was you.

                                                        It was not your present Lisa

                                                   It took 10 days before theybroke it.