African grey parrots.

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                                                         Here is some foraging toys that is easy to do yourself.

                                                                        We begin withplastic bottles.


                                                              This is a fun drill a hole and thread a string
                                                                          add some nuts and hang it up.

                                                                                    Upside down.

                                                                   Cut off about 10cm of the center.

          drill a hole in the bottom. Pull a string through the bottom.


                                                                            Gunnar and Lisa demonstrates howit works.



                                               I have only drilled a big hole in the bottom. And filled it with seed and hay.

                                                       here I have a plastic jar I made six holes. With a 32 mmhole saw.

                                                                                              Here a branch.

                                                              I have drill ​holes ​and filled it with seed


Would like to warn against long strings. Gunnar was about to hang himself when he played whit i string.

Keep this in mind no long strings in the cage.



                                                                                     Fill it with paper and some seeds or nuts.


                                                                                                        Yes it is rubbish.

  Just hang in an empty box becomes too easy for them but you fill them with something it takes a long time to find the nut.


Make small balls of newspaper and fill the carton.

Hide a nut or two in some balls.


                                                                                 You can also use hay.
                                                   It should be much so it takes long  time to look through the box.

                                                                                   No long strings.

                                           I am a garbich man not the most fun job. But I find a lot of greatthings.


                    Saw off a piece and drill a big hole in one end. Insert the end in boiling water. Then, squeezethe end.

Warning do not use your fingers.

I did.

                                               Place it against the sink and then press the end of the pipe with a fork.

                                                                          drill holes for straws or sticks.

                                                                                  Lisa showing how to do

Gunnar shows how to do it.



                                                                                      Two caps a tiny nut can fit inside.


And here some seeds.



                                                                             Egg cartons place it on the cage tops.

                                                            It gets messy when they search for food.
                                                       But for their sake give them a more enjoyable life.
                                                    Look for food are fun and exciting for your little friend.